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About me

I am the proud designer and owner of the Body Banner, a clothing accessory for women.  I am a wife, mom and grandmother.  My desire is to leave a footprint that has a lasting positive impression on the female experience.

The Body Banner

The Body Banner was created out of a need to have extra coverage during certain times of the month. Through product development, I found that the Body Banner offered other conveniences.  Once I added the pockets, I had a place to put my cell phone and other small items and could be hands free while I walked.


Fitness apparel

The Body Banner is an up and coming fitness apparel for women who are looking for extra coverage during or after their workout.  The driving force is that I have hypertension and my goal was to maintain a healthy lifestyle and comfort was key.    I wanted to be able to bend and squat without feeling exposed.

Fashion accessory

So you are looking to accessorize or change the look of an outfit, the Body Banner is for you.  It's less bulky than a shirt and great for warm weather climates when you are looking for the extra coverage.   Make a fashion statement wearing the Body Banner.  Try our custom sports themes or try your business name on your Body Banner. 

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